The International Church of Cannabis officially opened it’s doors yesterday in Denver, Colorado. The church was open to the public until 2pm, allowing only invited visitors to remain for their private 4:20 sacred ceremony.

The 113-year old church was under a lot of pressure yesterday. Not only was it was opening day for a new congregation, it was also April 20th a sort-of holiday for marijuana users, and the legality of the church has been under examination.

Since Colorado legalized recreational consumption in 2012 both law markers and innovators have been fine tuning the consumption process.

The renovated church did not have the opening day they had hoped. City officials were worried the church was trying to evade laws about open and public consumption, and are in talks of trying to add amendments to ban cannabis consumption in churches.

No such amendments have yet to be formally introduced. Yet they were only open to members only after 2pm.

Members are known as Elevationists, their goal is to create the best versions of themselves and they believe cannabis accelerates and deepens that process.

The celebrated the day despite opposition, at 4:20 pm the leader of Elevation Ministries, Steve Berke asked his congregants to join him in a full minute of silence.

Finding their moment of spirituality, the colorful sanctuary wafted with smoke as they silently reflected and inhaled cannabis.

After the full minute Berke then asked fellow members to stand up and introduce themselves to someone they did not know previously.

Once the mingling commenced, Cypress Hill’s song Hits From The Bong played in the background.


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