Daily Mail Cartoon on Refugees Recalls Nazi-era propaganda

Critics and readers are angered over the Daily Mail’s cartoon, comparing it to Nazi propaganda. The cartoon was drawn by Stanley McMurtry. His drawing pictures the silhouettes of males with large noses and chins, a woman wearing a hijab, a male carrying what appears to be a prayer mat, a male carrying a gun, and rats crossing a border. On the border is a sign that reads: “Welcome to Europe: Open Borders and the Free Movement of People.”


The Guardian commented on the cartoon “there has been a long tradition of cartoonists depicting their targets as vermin…” The New York Times pointed out Pete Fraser’s tweet comparing the cartoon to a published 1936 anti-Semitic children’s book. The two have very similar attributes in the men and the items they are carrying. Mr. Frasier writes “One of these was in today’s Daily Mail and one is Nazi propaganda. Take your time.”


The Daily Mail has refused to comment thoroughly on the subject, only by saying they had not gotten any complaints to their paper. Cartoonists walk a fine line, they accentuate the noticeable feature on people to get the pint across, but instead Mr. McMurtry went too far and created a racist, harmful cartoon. Possible solutions include: getting other’s opinions before you print, and self-censoring.


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