Pulitzer Prize: 2016 Winner in Explanatory Reporting

Two won in 2016 for their joint efforts in explanatory reporting: T. Christian Miller of ProPublica and Ken Armstrong of The Marshall Project. According to the Pulitzer website, they took home the award for “a startling examination and exposé of law enforcement's enduring failures to investigate reports of rape properly and to comprehend the traumatic…Read more Pulitzer Prize: 2016 Winner in Explanatory Reporting


Ethics Project

Daily Mail Cartoon on Refugees Recalls Nazi-era propaganda Critics and readers are angered over the Daily Mail’s cartoon, comparing it to Nazi propaganda. The cartoon was drawn by Stanley McMurtry. His drawing pictures the silhouettes of males with large noses and chins, a woman wearing a hijab, a male carrying what appears to be a…Read more Ethics Project

Loopholes Closing to Further Women’s Rights in the Middle East

Jordan appears set to repeal a loophole-law from 1960, after years of women activists, and Muslim and Christian scholars campaigning against this law. Sunday, Article 308 was recommended to be removed by the cabinet. This Law previously allowed a loophole for rapists to evade jail time by marrying their victims for atleast 5 years. This…Read more Loopholes Closing to Further Women’s Rights in the Middle East

CWA: Women in National Security

Last week Boulder and more specifically the University of Colorado Boulder hosted the Conference on World Affairs (CWA). The CWA is an annual conference in April featuring 200 panels of varying topics over five days. One notable panel was Women in National Security held in the Gold Biosciences building, Friday April 14th. Before the panel…Read more CWA: Women in National Security

Cannabis Grinders on Religious Grounds

The International Church of Cannabis officially opened it's doors yesterday in Denver, Colorado. The church was open to the public until 2pm, allowing only invited visitors to remain for their private 4:20 sacred ceremony. The 113-year old church was under a lot of pressure yesterday. Not only was it was opening day for a new…Read more Cannabis Grinders on Religious Grounds

A Generation of Bachelor Men Could Spark A Cultural Immersion

In 1980, the infamous one-child policy came into effect. The law was put into place in attempts to drive their economy boom and in fear of the growing population. Many believed if nothing was done, the Chinese population would become too big to sustain itself. Before the policy, rural women were having up to six…Read more A Generation of Bachelor Men Could Spark A Cultural Immersion